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 Spooky Warnings

These links are to are to Websites about Businesses and Products that are on my "Spooky" List :-

Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Dentist Speaks out against Fluoridation

Rip-off Reports - Bottom Line Books  - Report

When in Doubt... Communicate

Commerce etc

Dollars & Sense - The magazine of economic justice

Deals Direct


Forex Trading

When in Doubt... Communicate

When in Doubt... Communicate

Politics and Social Coordination etc

News You WON'T See On CNN

Does this sound like yet another step toward the end of Justice in Australia?

InfoWars - because there is a war on for your mind.

Albeik's Findings - Eye on the News

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Human Rights etc

Foreign Prisons etc

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Animal Rights etc

Pedi Paws - the quick, easy and painless way to give your pet the perfect pedicure every time.

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The Guardian Archive etc

The Death of LRH - Who Murdered L Ron Hubbard and Why?

In memory of Lisa McPherson

Are the mysterious deaths of Lisa McPherson and L. Ron Hubbard connected?

Claire Pages Geocities - Another Near Death experience from CIAntology

IRS Tax Attorney Meade Memory Created the CST - ["church of spiritual technology"] that owns the Churches of CIAntology

The co-founders and Directors of CST are not Scientologists (never were) but are Tax Probate Attorneys... and CST owns and controls CIAntology.

Ciantology Front-Group?   CCHR - Citizens Commission for Human Rights - At least they are doing some things right... but are they "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater"... And would it be an exaggeration to say their mission has virtually failed in "dealing with Psychiatry"?  ...when the Australian Parliament now has a MINISTER OF MENTAL HEALTH  which interpreted correctly means GOVERNMENT ENDORSED representation for PSYCHIATRY not DIANETICS. Their funding is beyond measure and beyond belief considering what has been exposed about Psychiatry by more interest groups than Scientology since 1950. God help Australia. More Research commenced....

Comment on the History of the Take-over of Religious Movements

When in Doubt... Communicate

Freezone Scientology - Standard and otherwise

Free Zone Association -

International Freezone Association -

Independent Scientology-

FZ Yahoo Groups -

Galac Patra - Front Line for Independent Scientology in Russia

Ralph Hilton - a Freezone Clearing Meter Source

Ex Scn Message Board - Unfortunately this forum seems to be mainly for the CIAntology Ex-membership (CIA and IRS run Scientology)  

ISAN International Scienetic Auditors Network / Independent Scientology Auditors Network. (Pake your Tick)

Independent Checksheets Foundation-

Independent Training Checksheets -

True Source Scientology Foundation-

Freezone Earth

Theta Meter-



When in Doubt... Communicate

Derivations, Versions, Revisions, Evolutions based on Scientology

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