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In Loving Memory of
Karinne Hall
We were to each our first love and companions in magical adventure and fun.
She was my closest friend and soul mate in those early teen years and some more.
But I was not to be only love, nor her final love.
No one will ever forget her contributions to our lives,
the memories of which will last a lifetime.... or more.


Died in 2016
after a lifetime of suffering and ecstasy... from Pneumonia

- - - - - - - - - -

I will always remember her, in her late teens, as a rare and special being. She took my heart to great heights with her beautiful personality, her feminine charms, and her magical mystical views of life. She was certainly a unique individual, who effected many people in a similar way during her life.

And there were those special ones who felt the magic and have been changed forever.

And there are those who will take years to recover from her absence in their lives.. to put their heart back together..... and particularly her absence from the world as we know it.... that she is not going to be doing and having the things of this world we would want her to continue having..... especially our devoted company.

An interesting timeline is being complied to take you on the journey of her lifetime.
If you can volunteer any information about Karinne,
that may be included in her biography, please email it here

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Photos so far...
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