Music for your "Personal Universe"
Original Inspiring New Age-Ambient-Classical Music
 for Contemplation, Spiritual Relief and Transcendence
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Composed and Edited by Australian Composer

David R Broughton

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Please note that I am not selling anything on this website. I do not ask you for private or sensitive financial information, nor personal details. Nor do I make money from this website.

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details. (I am not an organization.) When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol (over port 443) and allows secure connections "from a web server to a browser"....needed ONLY to transmit data FROM your computer via your browser to the web server.

Anything traveling from my website to your computer will be examined by your antivirus program and firewall. The only content is usual html and free mp3 music files. There are no viruses on my website host's server. Their server is continuously virus checked and protected of course.

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Therefore for websites like mine, enforcing upon me the SSL Certificate is a money making scam. I will probably get one because Big Brother Google  and Chrome and Firefox have decided all websites must have one, and for that I HAVE TO PAY. Otherwise my website is censored.

So the Internet is simply no longer free. It is being controlled by money making interests. The personal sharing websites are buried out of site. They are already few and far between. Welcome to your new Internet world.

So if you have had the courage to ignore warnings like ....

then you are excused only because they just don't want to understand that this site doesn't want your sensitive data. This site is only sending you html pages, images, audio and perhaps soon music video files... all from a server that manages its own virus and malware issues like anyone is.

It is the arbitrary decision by certain browsers people and search engines who are blocking you from seeing my website or calling it up in response to keywords because I haven't PAID someone or got an SSL Certificate. Why do I need one... Only to add to the millions of dollars streaming into the bank accounts of those who manipulate this situation for their financial gain. It is yet another aspect to the subject of Internet Freedom.  Who are the sites promoting SSL Certificates?... The ones who make the money from playing on paranoia and scaring everyone into "BUYING" them.

And the only reason I can see that I should have  an SSL Cert is because Google and the Browsers and the antivirus programs themselves block my site from being accessed. It is simply a form of Blackmail.

"Yes. Turn the whole bloody Internet into a Scammer paradise." I reckon it's costing webpage creators across the world MILLIONS of Dollars.

Is this blackmail? "No. Just progress." says Prince, my brother's dog. "Woof."